Joyce A. Joseph, MSW, LICSW
Board Certified Sex Therapist, Supervisor & Diplomate of the American Board of

oyce Joseph ("Jameela") is also a Gestalt Psychotherapist and a  Diplomate & Supervisor in Clinical Social Work.  A seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience, Ms. Joseph was the Clinical Director at the former Fogel Foundation's Human Sexuality Institute in Washington, DC and the Institute's Director of Training for the American Association Of Sex Educators, Counselors & Therapists (AASECT) certified Sex Therapy Training Program. 

A Mind-Body spiritually oriented  Gestalt Psychotherapist  combining Eastern technologies (Tantra & Chakra Yoga practices) with Western psychology, Ms. Joseph uses a holistic energy medicine approach in her work.    

She has appeared on several public and cable television talk shows, and has been a guest speaker at American University, the George Washington University Medical School, Center for Integrative Medicine, Northern Virginia Physicians Association, the former Columbia Hospital for Women, and the National Vulvodynia Association.   

Ms. Joseph  holds Master's Degrees in Social Work from Yeshiva University in New York and in Mass Communications from Boston University in Massachusetts.  She is a graduate of the Washington DC Gestalt Psychotherapy Institute and the Holistic Health Studies Program at the Interface Foundation in Newton, MA.

A certified Yoga Rhythmics (Yoga Dancing) instructor from Kripalu Yoga and a certified Hatha Yoga teacher in Integral Yoga, Ms. Joseph has taken extended courses in Meditation (TM, Siddha Yoga, Shambala Buddhism & Mindfulness Trainings). She has also trained in Middle Eastern Dance, Tantra Yoga and Body Psychotherapy modalities including Core Energetics and BioenergeticS, ERICKSONIAN HYPNOTHERAPY, NLP, REBIRTHING AND AUTHENTIC MOVEMENT.

Ms. Joseph currently has a  private practice in  Amherst and Northampton, MA. She is available for lecture and fee based workshops, telephone consultations, supervision and sexual coaching. 

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Sexual Health Assessment

Sexual Well Being means a balanced and healthy sex life. To accomplish this goal we need to have a compassionate and intimate  relationship to our body’s sexual functioning  with the  knowledge, skill and comfort to communicate  our sexual needs to our partner/spouse.


For Women: 


1. Do you have difficulty getting or feeling sexually aroused in your body?

2. Have you lost interest in sex, or never had it?

3. Are you having difficulty achieving orgasms?

4. Do you experience pain with vaginal penetration or intercourse?

5. Are you anxious/ fearful of vaginal penetration/intercourse?


For Men:


1. Do you have difficulty getting or feeling sexually aroused in your body?

2. Do you have difficulty  getting or maintaining  a firm erection?

3. Is the timing of ejaculations during sex too early or too late?

4. Are you having difficulty achieving orgasm?

5. Are you anxious about having sex or avoiding it all together?


For Couples:

1. Have you lost sexual desire for your partner/spouse?

2. Do you have conflicts about sexual frequency with your partner/spouse?

3. Is your sex life routine, boring or non-existent?               

4. Is sex a difficult topic for you to discuss with your partner/spouse?

5. Are either you or your partner/spouse having(or had)a sexual affair/addiction?



*If you answered YES to any of these questions, a consultation would be helpful in resolving your sexual issue.

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